Nicole Sahin

Nicole is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of G-P (Globalization Partners). 

Her mission is to break down barriers to global business and in doing so to enable employment opportunities for everyone, everywhere. 

G-P (Globalization Partners) is not only the industry pioneer of the employer of record category but also the leading global employment platform in the world today. Almost a decade ago, in this new era of global remote, Nicole and her company changed the rules of international business by creating a way for companies to hire anyone, anywhere in the world as easily as they hired talent in their own towns by eliminating the traditional human resource, legal, and tax hurdles companies otherwise face when building global remote teams. The result has been breaking down barriers to global business and, in doing so, enabling employment opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

In 2021 and 2022, she was named one of Goldman Sachs’ most intriguing entrepreneurs of the year. She credits her success to an exceptional team with global expansion in their DNA, and to her philosophy of the triple bottom line – building a business in a way that is good for customers, employees and shareholders.

Social change is one of Nicole’s passions. She is a generous supporter of the Panzi Foundation in the Congo and The Mission Within, which seeks to heal both soldiers of war and the people who have suffered from the consequences.  She also works with School the World and Give Directly, to bring financial resources to the most under-resourced people in the world.

She is an entrepreneur, mother and passionate advocate for elevating human consciousness.  Raised in a small community outside of St Louis, she has lived in Guatemala, the Caribbean, Spain, Turkey, Philippines, and loves to travel.