2010 - 16 Days of Activism

Meet Nayereh Tohidi, Iran

Nayereh is a human rights activist and scholar from Iran. She is a professor and the chair of the Department for Gender Studies and Women's Studies at California State University. Her areas of specialization and research include religion (Islam), the sociology of gender, and ethnicity and democracy in post-Soviet Central Eurasia and in the Middle East. She is the editor and author of an extensive body of publications about feminism and democracy, women's rights, and Islam. Nayereh is a visiting scholar at Universities of Minnesota, Iowa, Southern California, California Los Angeles and Harvard University.

Meet Nayereh Tohidi, Iran

Nayereh has served as a consultant for gender and development, as well as women and civil society projects with the United Nations, including work for UNICEF, ILO and UNDP. She has been involved in both the "Stop Stoning Forever Campaign" and the "One Million Signatures Campaign" for women's rights in Iran.

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