Ensuring women's influence in public policy

"Only together can we move forward, so that there is light and hope for all women on the planet." -  Rigoberta Menchú Tum

Access to decision makers leads to influence and policy impact. We create access for women peacebuilders to senior officials. When decision makers are exposed to women’s analysis and solutions, they put peacebuilding, human rights and the environment on their agenda.

In this realm of work we want to:

  • ensure inclusion of women providing solutions to climate change, gender violence, and militarism in policy discussions.
  • leverage the access of the Nobel peace laureates to decision makers to enable grassroots women’s organizations to influence public policy makers.
  • expose decision makers to the experience of grassroots women’s organizations and their contributions to peacebuilding.
  • advocate for the protection of women human rights defenders.

Photo: Nobel peace laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire and Tawakkol Karman meet with Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina (centre) after their delegation to the Rohingya camps in 2017.

Recent successes