When Feminists Rule the World

Season One

Season One - Episode Two

When Feminists Rule the World — There Will Be No Wall

Migration is a human right. Clearly some people need a reminder. This week host Martha Chaves is talking to Honduran sociologist and feminist activist, Neesa Medina, and acclaimed American writer and journalist, Alice Driver, about the migration crisis at the US-Mexico border, and the root causes that force so many to leave their homes. When feminists rule the world — there will be no wall.

Guests: Neesa Medina, Alice Driver

Neesa Medina is a Honduran feminist sociologist who has worked for more than eight years as a women’s rights analyst in Honduras at Centro de Derechos de Mujeres (CDM – Center for Women’s Rights). She holds deep experience in violence against women, sexual and reproductive rights, strategic communication and advocacy. Neesa was shaped both by the violent context of a coup d'état and the Resistance, and by the unapologetic women around her who have cultivated her urge to find joy in the struggle. She loves to dance to tropical music, eat seafood and watch house hunting television shows. And for the first time, she is a migrant in Colombia.

Alice Driver is an acclaimed writer and journalist from rural Arkansas, now based in Mexico City. Her work focuses on migration, human rights and gender equality. She is a a contributor at Longreads where she reports on migration in Central America and recently did a series highlighting the migration journey of Trans women from the region. She traveled with Nobel Women's Initiative to Guatemala and Honduras in 2017 to highlight the work of human rights activists and Indigenous communities.

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