When Feminists Rule the World

Season One

Season One - Episode Four

When Feminists Rule the World — They Will Also Save the Planet

The world is on fire. Who’s going to put it out? This week host Martha Chaves is talking to seventeen year-old climate striker and Youth for Climate Luxembourg organizer, Selma Vincent, alongside climate justice advocate, communicator and low-key pop icon, Anjali Appadurai, about the global youth climate movement. There is no climate justice without gender justice. When feminists rule the world – they will also save the planet.

Guests: Selma Vincent, Anjali Appadurai

Selma Vincent is seventeen-year-old economics and social sciences student of Moroccan and American descent. She identifies as a feminist, climate and animal rights activist, and mainly acts in Luxembourg. The growing climate crisis propelled her to action this past year, working weekly if not daily with groups such as Animal Dignity, Luxembourg Animal Rights activists, Youth For Climate Luxembourg, and speaking on Moroccan women’s rights issues on an international level.

Climate justice advocate, communicator and staunch believer in people power, Anjali spent her early career organizing young people from all over the world to build a strong youth and civil society voice at the UN Climate Convention. Today, Anjali is passionate about making the links between climate change and globalization, colonization, and corporate power. She is working towards building a strong base of informed and inspired young immigrants who will build and carry this work forward. Also a musician in her spare time, Anjali hopes to weave politics and art together to reflect the times we are living in and galvanize true collective action.

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