When Feminists Rule the World

Season Two

Season Two - Episode Two

When Feminists Rule the World — We Won't be Killed by Robots

This episode takes on lethal autonomous weapons systems (or killer robots), how the biases of their creators affects who lives and dies, and the dangers of deployment.

Guests: Wanda Muñoz and Liz O'Sullivan

Wanda Muñoz is a long-time activist from Mexico working on humanitarian disarmament, improving the lives of people with disabilities and providing assistance to victims of war. Her current disarmament efforts focus on the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Liz O’Sullivan is the Technology Director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP). She’s also co-founder and vice president of commercial operations at an AI explainability and bias monitoring startup called Arthur AI. She has been featured in articles on ethical AI in the NY Times, The Intercept, and The Register.