When Feminists Rule the World

Season Two

Season Two - Episode Five

When Feminists Rule the World — Things Will be Less Extreme

Today Martha speaks with two guests looking at extremism from a global and feminist perspective, in the context of a recent rise in populism, white supremacy and the far right.

Guests: Ilwad Elman & Deeyah Khan

Ilwad Elman runs the Elman Peace & Human Rights Centre’sprograms in Mogadishu, Somalia. She co-founded the first rape crisis centre for survivors of sexual and gender based violence. She designs interventions aimed at security sector reform to create an inclusive space for women in peace building, and develops programs for the disarmament and rehabilitation of child soldiers.

Deeyah Khan is a two-time Emmy Award-winning documentary film director. She is the founder of Fuuse, a media and arts company that puts women, people from minorities, and third-culture kids at the heart of telling their own stories. Deeyah is considered one of Norway’s most successful filmmakers. She has made four acclaimed documentaries to date.