When Feminists Rule the World

Season Three: Let's Talk About Power

Season Three - Episode Three

Power Within

Ounaysa Abbas Arabi  was among the women on the front lines of the 2019 revolution in Sudan. But the post-conflict promise of gender justice was merely a slogan used by men in power to attract international funds, she says. "They just want the money and they just put it into their pockets."

No matter how difficult, Musu Kamara of Liberia urges other young women to "rise up in spite of the challenges, in spite of the abuses, the social sanctions, the harmful traditional gender norms."

Both women counsel that change takes time. Witnessing, in your own life, the change that you are working for would be awesome, says Ounaysa, but it's okay if you won't.

Martha found her guests so strong and determined that "I wouldn't like to be your enemy."

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