2009 - 16 Days of Activism

Meet Natalia Greene, Ecuador

Meet Natalia Greene. Natalia is a climate change activist based in Ecuador.  This week she is in Copenhagen, Denmark with climate change activists from all over the globe.

Meet Natalia Greene, Ecuador

At home in Ecuador Natalia works as the Political Program Coordinator at Fundacion Pachamama.  She was actively involved in the recent Constitution process in Ecuador, particularly with the 'Rights to Nature' clause and the role of civil society and indigenous people in the process. The Ecuadorian constitution is the first in the world's history to grant legal rights to nature, and to allow individuals to sue on nature's behalf in courts.

Natalia collaborates with the environmental and indigenous aspects of the Yasuni-ITT Initiative that the Ecuadorian government promotes to leave the petroleum of the biodiverse Yasuni National Park permanently underground, notably encouraging the participation of indigenous people as the real stakeholders.

Watch a video documentary about the Yasuní-ITT Initiative


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