Sarah Cavanaugh

Sarah Cavanaugh is the author and founder of Peaceful Exit, guiding women exploring the art of dying. She is a documentary film producer, and one of her award-winning films “EXPOSURE” is in festivals now. This film follows 11 ordinary women from ten Arab and Western countries on an expedition to the North Pole. Sarah serves as president of The Russell Family Foundation, leading the foundation to a focus on climate justice and a net zero investment strategy. She has led start-ups in the social sector for more than 33 years working in support of Indigenous leadership, the arts, environmental justice, children’s health and human rights. As a supporter of the Nobel Women’s Initiative (NWI), she executive produced the documentary “Camp 72” after traveling with the NWI delegation to Liberia. Sarah is a deep believer in the power of language. She has worked with poets and artists both individually and through organizations like Hedgebrook and Artist Trust, where she co-founded a residential documentary filmmakers lab and a pilot program for elder artists. She has served on many boards, including Copper Canyon Press, The Merwin Conservancy, and the National Center for Family Philanthropy. Her favorite volunteer gig is being a Mom to three kind humans and partner to her husband, Tim.