Delegation to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala 2012

Dates: 22-31 January 2012


Honduras has been named one of the deadliest places on Earth for women. Mexico is home to five of the world’s ten deadliest cities. The new government in Guatemala had women activists worried about a roll-back in rights across the country. In all three countries women are targeted for sexual violence and femicide.

The Laureates led a delegation of over 20 women on a fact-finding mission - to learn from women human rights defenders and activists first-hand about the violence they are experiencing—spotlighting the way sexual violence is used as a tool to silence women’s human rights defenders—and the strategies women on the ground are using to end violence in their communities.


To support real change, grounded in experiences and perspectives of women, by ensuring that what we learn is communicated directly to those making decisions that shape women’s lives in the region, and to decision-makers in Canada and the US.


Rigoberta Menchú Tum
Jody Williams


Caryl Athanasiu, VP, Wells Fargo Bank, USA
Lauren Embrey, President, Embrey Family Foundation and CEO of Embrey Interests, Ltd., USA
Lauren Wolfe, Journalist and Director of Women Under Seige, USA
Lisa VeneKlasen, Executive Director, JASS (Just Associates), USA
Maria Hinojosa, Broadcast Journalist and President, Futuro Media Group, USA
Maria Martin, Journalist, USA/Guatemala
Martha Chaves, Comedian, Canada
Nancy Word, Co-Founder of Impact Austin, USA
Pamela Yates, Documentary Filmmaker, USA
Patricia Gras, Journalist and TV producer, USA
Paula Todd, Journalist, Canada
Sara Vetter, Soul of Money Institute, USA
Sarah Harmer, Singer/Songwriter, Co-founder of Protecting Escarpment Rural Land (PERL), Canada
Tantoo Cardinal, Actor and Activist, Canada
Veronica Arreola, Feminist Blogger and Director of Women in Science & Engineering Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA


Just Associates (JASS)
Regional Human Rights Organizations

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