When We Are Bold - Collection of Essays

Launched in September 2016

Published on the occasion of the NWI’s 10th anniversary, and launched at the Ottawa International Writers Festival on 27 September 2016, When We Are Bold is a collection of 28 short essays by notable women writers and thinkers from around the world. Each essay is an intimate portrait of a woman peacemaker or feminist who has influenced and inspired the authors own work and life. These essays are meant to start a conversation on the big and small ways women build peace in their communities, how feminism shapes so many women’s thinking about peace and how supporting women is the key to solving the world’s current outstanding conflicts.

When We Are Bold was edited by Rachel M. Vincent, former Communications Director of the Nobel Women’s Initiative.

In today’s media-saturated world, our definition of courage has shifted toward rating-generating displays of heroism, causing us to lose sight of what it means to be truly brave with our voice, our stories, and our truth.

“When We Are Bold is not only a celebration of women peacemakers and the activists they’ve inspired, it is a call to courage. A call to all of us who have allowed activism to be defined as something that other people do, to those of us who have orphaned our voice and our story, and to every woman and man who has struggled or borne witness to injustices that left their hearts flooded with truth and stories that need to be spoken.”

Brené Brown, Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Rising Strong

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