Women leading peace: Standing with women in conflict 2022

Dates: 20-24th June 2022
Locations: Krakow and Rzeszow, Poland, and Lviv, Ukraine


The peace laureates led a delegation to visit refugee centres and international humanitarian agencies, meeting with local activists and officials, and people directly affected by the war in Ukraine.

The objective of this fact-finding mission was to discover how to support women’s work for peace, how decision-makers can ensure that women voices are heard, and how to best respond to the gendered impacts of conflicts. 

The delegation met with hundreds of displaced women and dozens of women’s organizations, human rights organizations, humanitarian agencies and activists in Lviv, Ukraine and Krakow and Rzeszow, Poland.

The laureates brought their message of solidarity and recommendations to local, national and international officials including UN Ukraine, the office of Governor of the Lviv Regional Administration, and to the Mayors of Lviv and of Krakow.

The laureates also visited Lviv Train Station on June 22 and spoke with women conductors and railways staff about their experiences transporting Ukrainians fleeing the conflict.  The Station is a destination for millions fleeing the war, and now many returning.


Jody Williams
Leymah Gbowee
Tawakkol Karman


Maria Butler, Executive Director, Nobel Women's Initiative
Mikaela Luttrell-Rowland, Senior Director, CUNY Gender, Law and Transformative Peace
Hana Saleh, Journalist, Executive Manager, Belquees Media
Aswan Mohammed, Activist
Olga Hamama, Founder, United for Ukraine
Muhammed Alnehmi
Vala Alnehmi
Villy Tentoma, The Azadi Project
Angelina Jamsched, United for Ukraine


Katia Gianneschi, Consultant
Łukasz Popielarczyk, Videographer
Bartosz Ocipski, Media Fixer
Ania Bystrowska, Photographer
Olha Menko, Rapporteur
Kateryna Kaliberda, Interpreter


The Azadi Project
United for Ukraine
BMW Foundation
Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa
Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA
Tawakkol Karman Foundation
Ukrainian Women's Fund
Brian Kelly

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Final Report

Women leading peace: Standing with women in conflict

Women Leading Peace: Standing with Women in Conflict - Nobel Peace laureates' delegation to Poland and Ukraine (September, 2022)

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Media Coverage

Nobel Peace Prize winners arrive in Ukraine. Ukrinform, 22 June 2022

Delegation dispatches

Day one: Krakow, Poland (20 June 2022)
Day two: Krakow, Poland (21 June 2022)
Day three: Lviv, Ukraine (22 June 2022)


Delegation to Poland and Ukraine 2022 (Flickr)

Media Conference (live-streamed)

Women Leading Peace: Standing with Women in Conflict. Delegation to Poland and Ukraine. (Conference begins at 5:56 minutes)


(l-r) Nobel peace laureates Tawakkol Karman, Leymah Gbowee and Jody Williams at the border of Poland and Ukraine, 22 June 2022