When Feminists Rule the World - Podcast

The climate crisis, rape culture, the wall—we think the patriarchy has done enough.

Host Martha Chaves—Latin-Canadian-LGBTQ award-winning comedian, actor, activist, and playwright—and ten badass feminist changemakers are talking about the future they are creating. Season three they're talking about power – who has it, how it manifests in our communities and workplaces, impacts our lives and our ability to drive progressive change, and how it is wielded in feminist organizations.

Edgy and provocative, you'll be challenged and inspired. You'll hear perspectives you haven't before. Above all, season three is joyful - and you'll feel reassured that our future is in good hands.

Each episode is a new conversation about what power looks like at its very best: the power we have within, the power we build together, how we face overwhelming power that seeks to oppress us, and how we use the power of our imaginations to conjure up a vision of the loving and just world we are all working toward, together. 

It shouldn’t be groundbreaking. But it is.