Influencing Change

“We don't want words. We want action.” - Dr Shirin Ebadi.

Access to decision makers leads to influence and impact on policies, decisions and resources. When decision-makers are engaged strategically, they can center peace and women’s analysis and solutions. NWI works to engage with decision-makers and institutions that determine the trajectories of peace and conflict, and connect them with women activists and organisations, in order to bing attention to priorities and strategies of women’s and feminist organizations.

Opening Borders: #WomenRefugeesWelcome 2015

#SurvivorsUnited Delegation to Colombia 2015

Women of Congo Speak Out 2014

Delegation to the 20th Summit of the Africa Union 2013

Women Forging Peace: Liberia 2013

Breaking Ground: Women, Oil and Climate Change

Delegation to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala 2012

Amplifying Women's Voices for Peace: Delegation to Israel and Palestine 2010

Nobel Women's Initiative at the G20

Review conference of the International Criminal Court

Nobel Peace Delegation to Tibet 2009

Women for Peace Delegation 2008