Media Advisory: Standing with Women in Conflict Working for Peace

Nobel Women's Initiative Delegation to Poland and Ukraine in collaboration with The Azadi Project: 20-24 June 2022.

Three Nobel women peace laureates will travel to Poland and Ukraine to bear witness to the experiences of women displaced from Ukraine and to recognize the live-saving work of women, communities, and women’s organisations and networks.

The laureates will listen to women and then ask how to best support women’s work for peace, how decision-makers can ensure that women voices are heard, and how the gendered impacts of conflicts can be better responded to. 

The delegation is taking place in the context of the Russian military’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine – with a brutal and devastating conflict that has raised the spectre of nuclear war, and that has forcibly displaced millions. The laureates call for negotiations to end the invasion and demand an immediate end to the violence.

Undeterred by invasion, violence, and displacement, women in the region are working to save lives, and to build peace. Negotiations, humanitarian assistance and reconstruction processes must ensure women’s voices are heard, human rights upheld, international law respected, and violence and militarization rejected.

The Nobel laureates Tawakkol Karman (Yemen), Leymah Gbowee (Liberia) and Jody Williams (US) will be in Krakow and Rzeszow to visit refugee centers, international humanitarian agencies, local activists, and officials. 

The Nobel Women’s Initiative is organizing the delegation in partnership with The Azadi Project and other partner organisations.

For more information or to arrange interviews with the laureates, contact:

In Poland:  

Katia Gianneschi, Nobel Women’s Initiative Media Outreach:
[email protected]
+ 1 613 614 9740

Bartosz Ocipski, The Azadi Project Media Consultant:
[email protected]
+48 605 682 236

In Ottawa:

Kim MacKenzie, Nobel Women’s Initiative Manager of Communications and Public Engagement:
 [email protected]

+1-613-569-8400 x 113

About the Nobel Women’s Initiative

The Nobel Women’s Initiative uses the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize and courageous women peace laureates to increase the power and visibility of women’s movements working globally for peace, justice and equality. We work to strengthen and expand feminist efforts to promote nonviolent solutions to war, violence and militarism.

The Initiative is led by Nobel peace laureates Jody Williams (USA), Shirin Ebadi (Iran), Rigoberta Menchú Tum (Guatemala), Leymah Gbowee (Liberia), and Tawakkol Karman (Yemen).For more information, visit:

About The Azadi Project

The Azadi Project is a US-based non-profit organization that works to enhance the voice and agency of refugee women and girls around the world. Since its inception, Azadi has benefited over 5,000 women refugees through its Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) sessions and other programs. Its mission is to enhance refugee women and girls’ voice and agency by providing storytelling skills and psychosocial support to women in refugee settlements globally, the most recent of which is for Ukrainian refugee women and young girls in Krakow, Poland. For more information, visit