2010 - 16 Days of Activism

Meet Robi Damelin, Israel

Robi is a member of The Parents’ Circle, a peace group that brings together bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families who have each lost a family member to the conflict. The group aims to cultivate reconciliation, forgiveness, but most of all, peace. They serve as a reminder that the cost of the occupation runs high for both Israelis and Palestinian. The Parents' Circle has one overarching goal: to push for the development of a reconciliation framework, based on their belief that such a framework must be in place for when political treaties are ratified.

Meet Robi Damelin, Israel

Robi knows all too well the devastation caused by the occupation – her son David, an Israeli soldier, was shot by a sniper in March of 2002. She turned her personal tragedy into an opportunity to foster peace through her work with The Parents’ Circle. The group has been able to bring healing to hundreds of Palestinian and Israeli families by uniting them in their time of loss.


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