Letter from the Chair

Within a context of growing conflict, uncertainty, hate and destabilization in the world, the NWI Board prioritized the last phases of the organization’s transition. We aimed to ensure that the organization can take a strong position among partners to use the platform and access of the laureates to support their aims.

Our new five-year strategic framework identified three key outcome areas where NWI adds value : strengthening women’s movements, paving access to policy-makers and leaders, and shifting media narratives.

Four new colleagues joined our staff team. Staff built relationships and programming in collaboration with our many allies. The board saw several changes too.  Former members Dildar Kaya and Ertha Doliscar joined the staff team, and, Aruna Rao, former Chair and Interim Chair who led NWI through a challenging transition period, stepped down. I am immensely grateful to all of them for their dedication to the organization.

Reflecting the importance of coming together in the face of growing adversity, NWI was thrilled to welcome two additional Peace Prize laureates last year – Maria Ressa from the Philippines (Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2021), and Narges Mohammadi from Iran (Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2023). Maria’s work draws crucial attention to the importance a free and independent media plays in democratic societies and the risks in particular women journalists face in doing this important work. While Narges Mohammadi, who became the fifth laureate to be awarded the prize while in prison, is a sobering reminder of the perils of activism for basic rights in Iran, especially for women.

We look forward to working with Maria, Narges, and you, our partners, to ensure women are central to achieving peace, justice and freedom.  


Anne-Marie Goetz 

Board Chair