Sister to Sister Mentorship Program 2015

Sister to Sister Mentorship Program 2015

Meet the 2015 participants:


Neesa works with the Centre for Women’s Rights (CDM) in Honduras as a Gender and Security Analyst. For the past five years, Neesa has monitored violence against women and developed media campaigns to raise awareness about women’s rights in Honduras—particularly women’s reproductive rights. Neesa is an insightful and passionate feminist, and uses her experiences as a woman in Honduras to take decisive action for an equal and just country.


Htet Htet is the Gender Rights Program Manager for Partners Asia in Burma. For almost a decade Htet Htet has worked alongside civil society organizations to build women’s leadership and encourage women’s participation in political and economic life. Raised in rural Burma, Htet Htet acutely understands the challenges facing women who seek leadership opportunities—and has dedicated her life to break these barriers.


As a Civic Education Officer with the Mundri Relief and Develop Association (MRDA), Riya brings together internally displaced peoples to promote women’s rights and build peace in South Sudan. Riya is also the President of Play for Peace—a youth-led initiative to promote peace through theatre in schools in the capital city, Juba. Riya is a rising young leader in South Sudan who determinedly uses her voice to engage youth in building a country rooted in peace and gender equality.