Message from the Interim Board of the Nobel Women's Initiative

A Commitment to Repair and Transformational Change

We, the Interim Board of Nobel Women’s Initiative, have been appointed by the Nobel Women Peace Laureates to lead a reform process to ensure a safe, inclusive and just organization. We are saddened and sorry for the harm and pain described in the findings of the independent external review conducted by Community Resource Exchange (CRE).

Our work as an independent governing body begins today and our first priority is repair.

The findings and recommendations of the external report by the CRE will guide our decision making.  At the top of our agenda will be establishing a new governance model that re-centres the power base of the organization in its people, bringing on board new leadership, and beginning to chart a new feminist vision, policies and systems for the organization.  We will aim to cultivate an internal culture that does the same.

As women committed to peace, justice, equality and organizational transformation, our belief in the core values of Nobel Women’s Initiative is unwavering. We pledge to carry out this work with humility and transparency, and in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders. We also commit to reporting back on progress made in six months’ time. 

If you feel that you have been harmed by Nobel Women’s Initiative, we are committed to listening and taking action.  Please contact us at: [email protected]

Aruna Rao, Chair
Roberta Clarke
Sarah Jewell
Dildar Kaya

12 August 2021

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