Nobel Women's Initiative at the G20

Dates: 17-27 June 2010
Location: Toronto, Canada


“The current upheaval caused by the economic recession pales in comparison to the potential impacts of climate change, which, if unabated, threatens to bring more disasters, famine, disease, resource scarcity, human displacement and migrations and economic instability than every before.” Wangari Maathai

Nobel Women’s Initiative participated in themed-days of action with organizations across the country during the G20 meetings in Toronto.

In a letter sent prior to the meeting, the six laureates of the Nobel Women’s Initiative called upon Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of the United Nations Security Council to ensure climate change was a central focus of the G8/G20 agenda. The Laureates urged the heads of state to use the summits as an opportunity to address the threats posed by climate change to the global economy

‘Environmental degradation and global warming and their impacts are economic and security issues as well as environmental ones … Failure to address climate change will put the global economy at further risk, and plunge millions who are already living on the economic margins into deeper poverty.’ The Laureates.


Climate Action Network

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Media Coverage

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