Standing with Rohingya Women 2018

Dates: 24-26 February 2018
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


We accuse the government of Myanmar of the crime of genocide.”

The Laureates travelled to Cox’s Bazar to hear testimony about the experience of thousands of women living in the “no man’s land” stranded between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Meeting with over 100 women refugees they heard stories of security forces burning villages, systematically torturing, raping, and killing women and girls, and mutilating and murdering children, leading them to conclude that the ongoing attacks on the Rohingya amounted to genocide and crimes against humanity.

They also met with government officials, as well as human rights actors, and humanitarian agencies including UNHCR Commissioner for Refugees, Relief and Repatriation Abul Kalam. The Laureates met with Razia Sultana to discuss her newly launched report “Rape by Command: Sexual violence as a weapon against the Rohingya”. They expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and people of Bangladesh for the kindness and compassion shown the refugees but appealed to the government, the UN, and the international community to facilitate better basic survival services for water, health, and education for the Rohingya.

Call to Action

The Laureates called upon Aung San Suu Kyi to exercise her personal and moral responsibility to stop the genocide. They called for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to be brought to justice before the International criminal court.


Tawakkol Karman
Shirin Ebadi
Mairead Macguire


Naripokkho – Bangladesh Women’s Organization

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